Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Final times!

The foot ball pitch is ready for the match tomorrow . the flag poles are erected, the school is painted. The work with the children and women is coming to an end - now the new school song "Rise and Shine" (which is the school motto) has been taught. All is ready for the big party tomorrow.

Rhoda and the community have a programme for us from noon till late afternoon. kenney from head office will come and the parents, the mayor and other local dignitaries will be present at a community celebration of song, dance, speeches - and even the Sligo team will perform. The Sligo flag will be raised and the banners, new set of drums, sport equipment and other bits and pieces will be presented. We reckon it will be a day unlike anything in our experience!

Friday we leave Masaka in the morning and via stops at a Drum shop and the Equator (for Michaels coffee) we will go to Entebbe to fly at 10 p.m. We hope to chiil out 20 minuites from the airport at a Zoo or a pool - depending on individual choice. The the overnight marathon via Amsterdam

We will be broken hearted to leave the community - but looking forward to seeing our families once more. Thank God all of us are still well and safe.

We hope the rain has stopped - and that the conference in Sligo is going well

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